pornografix (pornografix) wrote in emoporn,

Pornografix Online has updated

Yep we got a ton of updates going on....

FIrst we have added a gay section for all gay porn lovers. So come check that out, I am also working on some new gay themed galleries as well and a variety of other free links.

Also, we have a new Gay Theater all set and ready to go, and if you haven't signed up for my free theater, lemmie give you a lil something to get you started.

15 FREE minutes to the Gay theater. Check it out and enjoy the movies available. There are a TON of new movies added weekly.

I have brought back the free video clips as well on all sides, Gay and Straight! They update daily, so stop by and see what free clips I got up each night. As for you straight folks, if you havent gotten on the free theater yet either, well, here is your free 15 minutes to grab..

Just click on the banner, and get your free minutes, it really is THAT easy.

As always, check out the main site, cuz without you, I have no site, and I appreciate everyone that keeps coming back.

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